Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Get Beautiful Skin for Mature Women

This post accompanies a video I made on YouTube for my Cougar Makeup Channel.

Your skin cells usually exfoliate or drop off every 28 days, just like the lunar cycle and menstrual cycle. However, when we get over 30, this process of getting rid of dead cells slows down dramatically.

In order to deal with this problem there is a product by Neostrata called 'Smoothing Creams' in levels 1,2 and 3. You need to start at the 1st level and work your way up to Level 3.

Pictured here is Level 2, which has 8% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

AHA is a sugar cane molecule that is incredibly tiny so it can penetrate the first layer of the skin (epidermis). Once inside the skin it starts to quicken the exfoliating cycle which is the culprit for deep wrinkles, spots and a dull complexion.

Now, there are other acids on the market but BEWARE! These other acids are not true AHA and they do not work nearly as good nor as quickly.

Neostrata is the trusted brand of exfoliating products on the market today and their entire company revolves around that one specialized subject. In other words, Neostrata is the pioneer and expert in this area of skin care.

Exfoliation is just one part of getting beautiful skin. The cleansing and moisturizing aspect of your skin care routine is just as important.

You want to get a cleanser and a moisturizer that has no alcohol, parabens, dyes and perfumes in it, even if you have acne. The reason for this is that these substances actually dry the skin and in response, the skin makes more oil and the pores get even more clogged = more acne.

You must cleanse with a good product. I recommend cleansers by Avene, Dermaglow and Bioderma.

Any of these companies have excellent cleansing products AND moisturizers to fit every need of skin care.

If you want beautiful skin you must understand that the entire process of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing must be done with quality products.

If you have ANY questions please comment and I will answer your questions as best I can. Or you can make a video response with your questions.

I only ask that if you are having a skin care problem to tell me as much as you can about it and what products you're currently using. This way I have a fuller picture of what may be happening and can give you better informed answers to your issues with your skin.

Let's move on to cosmetics that are good for the skin. Most of the time it's true that you get what you pay for and this principle applies to cosmetics.

Skin care is the foundation of having beautiful skin but again, it does nothing beneficial unless you're using excellent cosmetics as well.

Foundations are just as important as moisturizers. If you follow the link to Avene above, you can see that they offer excellent foundations in both liquid and compact. It's called Couvrance and it's excellent. It comes in two formulations. One for dry skin and one for combination/oily skin.

I highly recommend you use a high end foundation and as I said in my video, you should at least be paying $30+ for a good foundation.

Pupa Milano also makes excellent concealers and foundations which are very affordable. I personally think that Pupa makes the best cosmetic products on the market because their products are consistently excellent. Take a look around the site and don't be afraid to purchase. Their products are of high quality and very reasonably priced. In particular, look at the Autumn 2009 pro eyeshadows.

I hope this has been educational. If you have any requests for looks, brand info, skin care issues and questions, or anything relating to cosmetics, makeup artistry, and/or skin care, please comment either here or on the accompanying YouTube video.

Ciao Cougars!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Pencil Eyeliners For All Budgets

This post will tell you all you need to know about eyeliners, their pros and cons, types for different looks and effects, and their approximate cost.

Many people ask me 'What are the best eyeliners?'

My response: It's complicated because some of the low to mid end line companies make some really nice liners and high end eyeliners are also hit and miss (however, this is usually not the case: if you buy a high end liner, it usually will perform the way you expect it to).


Prestige makes excellent 'kohl' liners. They are about $8 apiece and have a soft rubber smudger on the reverse end. Rimmel's 'Spark it Up: Gleaming Eyeliner' is also excellent at $8. NYX's 'Jumbo Eyepencils' are a steal at $5 and if you really want to have a lot of control you can simply use a brush, grab some liner off the top and use it that way. The pencil is incredibly soft so it does give you more options.

If you test a pencil liner and it doesn't run smoothly on the back of your hand and you have to bear down while it catches the skin then don't buy it. Imagine tugging on your sensitive skin around the eye. Ouch!


MAC, PUPA MILANO, RED EARTH and other high end cosmetic lines are all good liners. The issue with these liners is the price. Nine times out of ten you'll get a fantastic liner but how much are you willing to spend? If you want a great pro liner at a reasonable cost then try Pupa Milano. They ring in at $17 each and have a nice soft smudger on the reverse end.

The key to a good liner is colour payoff, colour accuracy (black liners that look dark blue) and easy tug-free application on the eye. You don't want to tug the eyeskin. A good pencil easily glides on, easily smudges and applies evenly.

I admit, it takes a lot of experimenting sometimes to get the right liner but it you stick with it you'll definitely find something you love. If you satisfy those criteria, chances are you have a great pencil liner.

So tell me, what's YOUR favourite pencil eyeliner and why?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog Moment of Silence

This blog moment of silence is for the over 3 thousand victims of state-sponsored terrorism and the uncounted, unnamed Afghani and Iraqi people who've been slaughtered since 9/11.

I hope that the persons responsible for this heinous crime are found and tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Each year the pain dulls and yet gets more urgent.

So many scientists have given us great information as well as ATC's, pilots, and the like. We must stand behind these Americans as free people of the West. Let's not judge those who have another voice, another view, or another culture.

Each year I hear the buildings coming down in my mind and I see them in my mind's eye. I imagine all those innocent lives who were instantly extinguished for a war that STILL rages on today.

Be still. Be silent.

The Early Stages

I had this idea that I would create a makeup channel and a blog for older women (30+). I wanted to call it Cougar Makeup because reclaiming the word 'cougar' seemed appropriate and it also seemed cheeky for me to call my makeup channel such.

My vision was to make videos to show older women how to use makeup in different, new and exciting ways. It seems that the women I deal with on a daily basis believe that as they get older they can't wear colourful makeup anymore. I want to challenge that. I think this is the MOST appropriate time to show our pride and strength with bold colours.

So, it's with this little seed of a vision that I begin this blog.

My longer term goals are pretty huge indeed but as they say 'you have to start somewhere.'

Here's my first introductory video on YouTube and WELCOME to Cougar Makeup!